Research Internship Cooperation – Universidad Veracruzana and Sivuvalo

Universidad Veracruzna - Sivuvalo

We are happy to announce the arrival of Mexican students Amado Peña and Diana R. Ricárdez, who will be doing a research internship with us about promotional reading processes and new media during April. This is the first step in a series of international collaborations, showing that it is possible to find different ways to share and expand independent projects involving the work and views of transcultural poets, writers and artists around the world.

Special thanks to Dr. Olivia Jarvio from Universidad Veracruzana (University of Veracruz, Mexico).


Cultour – interaktiivista tarinankerrontaa Google Mapsin kautta

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 14.06.10Cultour is a mobile app that seeks to create literary routes with google.maps database, it is an invitation to visit different cities as if you were a character in a story. The users will be able to make a tour trough Helsinki following the rout of transcultural writers Finland-based, tracking international literature in its own city. (Language: English). Project coordination: Amado Peña (Sivuvalo’s Intern | UV)

– The beta version of the app will be available to download during ‘Carte Blanche’ (for Android only).


Reading Through Light (RTL) – valokuvan kautta lukemiseen

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 14.07.14This project is an attempt to combine literature and photography trough post-card creation, using the intersection between two disciplines to promote the readability of multilingual literature made in Finland. Using the poems of transcultural writers Finland-based, the photos will represent a contribution, an explanation or an interpretation of the texts itself. Project coordination: Diana Rosy Ricárdez López (Sivuvalo’s Intern | UV)

Cultour and RTL projects are possible under Sivuvalo‘s internship programme in collaboration with Universidad Veracruzana (University of Veracruz, Mexico)